How to get free Dinner Rolls and Other Bread Samples

How to get free Dinner Rolls and Other Bread Samples
How to get free Dinner Rolls and Other Bread Samples

We’ll show you where you can get free pasta, cookies, dinner rolls, bread chips, and any other food.

Free food sample services below allow you to request free samples today, while others require you to sign up and wait for a new free sample to become available.

Some of these free samples of food only need your mailing details, no survey required. Try these companies out now!


Your Local Walmart

You can grab free samples every weekend at your local Walmart. Yep, those booths where, if you’re planning to buy food in the near future, you can stop by and get a free food sample, along with money-saving coupons.

Those free samples can actually be found by typing your zip code into the Walmart website, allowing you to find out what free food samples will be distributed near you. Food samples of entrees, foods, drinks, and snack foods have been offered by Walmart in the past.



Wondering where to find free bread or other food? Then check out this detailed list of where to get it! You can get free meals for your birthday, free coffee, food coupons, restaurant foods, free product samples from your favorite brands.

Freeflys offers details about numerous freebies that are available online. However, it appears as of this writing that they still have a page dedicated solely to free food samples. Freeflys is free to join, and you’ll receive first notification of available freebies by email once you become a member.


Panera Bread

This Company is an American chain of bakery-café restaurants with over 2,000 locations throughout the United States and Canada. Its Headquarters are located in Sunset Hills, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis.

When you join MyPanera, you get a free pastry piece just for joining. They also offer you lots of other free stuff when you’re a customer.

To redeem your free reward, simply click this link and then register, print your temporary membership card, display your account, and click your reward.

Send your membership number and a request for a free pastry or sweet within 60 days of signing up at your nearest Panera. This link will lead you to My Savings where you can get your free samples.


Hungry Howie’s

You can get a free original, cinnamon, or cajun Howie bread order simply by joining the eClub of the Hungry Howie.

HowiEmail presents you with exclusive offers for the things you like from Hungry Howie. To enter the drawing, simply fill out the registration form on this page.


Bzz Agent

This is a platform where you can sign up to be an agent to receive free food and other samples in exchange for your opinion. When you become a Bzz Agent, you’ll get first dibs on trying new food and other items. Then you’ll tell them what you think about the product. Then they’ll pass on your feedback to the manufacturer. Being a member is free, and it is a good way to get free samples of food while helping producers test out new products.

How to get free Dinner Rolls and Other Bread Samples
How to get free Dinner Rolls and Other Bread Samples


Get 4 free BonBites just for subscribing to the free newsletter from Cinnabon! Simply go to their website and click and fill out your details by clicking “sign up.” You will receive an email with a coupon within 24 hours. Your coupon can be redeemed after joining Cinnabon within 14 days!



These strategies can be a great way to try new recipes and get free samples of bread, dinner rolls, and other foods.

You can see how many free samples of food you’ll get if you choose the above options.

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