Take Advantage of the Benefits of Using a Meditation Cushion

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Using a Meditation Cushion
Take Advantage of the Benefits of Using a Meditation Cushion

Do yoga correctly and stop doing it wrong. Perhaps you do yoga the wrong way, which causes more harm than good to your body over the long term. We compared those who use meditation cushions to those who don’t. Did you know you can get amazing benefits from using a yoga cushion even if you aren’t using one yet? Read on to discover the incredible ways you can benefit from using it.

It is the inner sky that you can feel, the “nothingness” that is within; its the silence and emptiness of the space in the middle of yourself. When you come home to yourself, you have reached your destination, and great maturity comes manifest in your behavior, in your actions. 


“Then whatever you do will have grace in it. Everything you do will be poetry in itself. When you walk, you dance, when you are silent, you sing.” – Osho

The question is why should you even use a meditation cushion in the first place.

Aren’t our yoga exercises better done on the floor itself? No, not at all, as this causes pain in the ankles, knees, hips and waistline in the long term, which can develop into a serious problem in due time.

Yoga is best done on a meditation cushion below. Not just any mat or bed sheets which are readily available as an alternative. Using yoga mats is the right way to go since they are meant to be used only for yoga.

Meditation Mats Provide the Following Benefits:

When you use a meditation cushion while doing yoga, you get some great benefits:

Growing Your Comfort Levels:

Yoga calls for a sense of comfort. It is different from gym training, as yoga is more of a stretching exercise.

A meditation cushion can be an extremely useful tool for you if you want to bring in maximum comfort during your yoga sessions. As you know, hard floors or mats can put pressure on your hips, waists, hands, ankles, feet, and knees when you are doing your yoga exercises. Yoga on a pillow under your hips will work wonders and motivates one to practice longer. Additionally, if you feel comfortable while doing yoga, you are likely to continue it for a while. So meditation cushions can provide you with a comfortable seat.

Maintain The Correct Posture While Doing Yoga:

You have to make sure that you do yoga in the correct posture. When sitting on the floor, a lot of us get stressed out easily, leading to a wrong posture of the back. That is why a meditation cushion is so useful. It is important to sit upright and erect while doing yoga.

Try doing yoga on a meditation mat and see the benefits for yourself. See how easy it is to do a pose you previously hated.

A Cushion Can Help You Reduce Body Pain:

When you don’t use a meditation cushion, you are likely to experience pain in your hips, waist, knees, ankles, hands, and shoulders due to excessive pressure on them. Blood flow reduces or blood clots when there is too much pressure, thus causing more pain. The device can be easily carried with you anywhere you go.

It can be folded down to make it even smaller to fit into any bag or suitcase, making it a perfect travel companion. Whether you are traveling outstation with your family or for business, it is highly portable and can easily be packed in a small bag or suitcase.

Thus you don’t have to miss out on your daily yoga sessions if you have a meditation mat with you.


The benefits of meditation cushions are many. Choose one within your price range and use it right now.


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