What are the benefits of dates for losing weight?

What are the benefits of dates for losing weight?
What are the benefits of dates for losing weight?

 Due to their high fibre and protein content, dates make you feel full for a longer period of time. This helps boost your metabolism and keeps hunger pangs at bay.

Because dates are naturally sweet, you’ll still feel satisfied and satiated while still staying healthy. You’ll make date syrup in place of white/brown sugar and artificial sweeteners. The dates also contain several types of antioxidants which help prevent heart diseases and cancer. Additionally, jaggery is an honest alternative to cut back on your sugar intake besides being a high fibre and protein food.

Dates contain a high level of unsaturated fatty acids and aid in reducing inflammation. Typically, inflammation is associated with obesity and diabetic nephropathy.

Dates are a good source of :

  • Carbohydrates (44-88%),
  • Dietary fibers (6.4-11.5%).
  • Protien (2.3-5.6%),
  • 0.2% to 0.5% fats.
  • A number of salts, minerals, vitamins, and oils are created by combining the nutrients of salts, minerals, copper, iron, sodium, and calcium.

Dates are not only tasty but also highly nutritious, as the nutrition information shows.

Dates are rich in protein and fibre . They also have a high calorie count, with most of the calories coming from carbs . 


Moreover, if you’re consuming fresh dates, they have fewer calories (the calorie count of any fruit or berry increases when it’s dried).

How many dates do you have to eat a day to lose weight?

If you are trying to eat less as a sweet tooth satiator, maintain a healthy weight loss program, or add nutrition to your diet, you may want to try eating approximately 4-6 dates daily.

Weight loss supplements, such as dates, may help you lose weight; however, if you consume too many, they can lead to weight gain.


Dates in your diet: 9 ways to incorporate them

In the morning you can have them with a cup of black coffee, and in the evening you can have milk tea or green tea.  

In addition, you can enjoy date smoothie or shake – Simply de-seed the dates and transfer them to a blender. Add in the milk and blend them. Since dates have natural sweetness, you don’t need to add any sweetener.

Chop up dates and serve them with cereal – add dates to oats or cornflakes for a healthier breakfast.

Place some chopped dates in a bowl of yogurt. Add a number of fruits of your choice and you have a healthy snack waiting for you.

Dates can be eaten grated or de-seeded and stuffed with walnuts and almonds, Sesamum seeds, coconut, or any other dry fruit of your choice – the more exciting the better!

Dates can also be eaten in a fruit salad or dessert if chopped finely.

Dates can also be added to vegetables, rice dishes, couscous, etc.

It is quite common to consume dates by adding them to milk. The dates and milk diet was found to be very effective at speeding up the process of weight loss in many dieters.

In addition, dates are often added in chutney, yogurt, soups, cakes, etc.


Here are some tips on how to shop for dates.

  • Smoothly wrinkled and unbroken dates are best.
  • They shouldn’t smell bad.
  • When buying dates at the supermarket, check the expiration date first.
  • To get rid of any dirt or bacteria, wash them thoroughly in running water.
  • You need to store them airtight in the refrigerator .
  • Eat four to six dates a day to lose weight.

Do not forget!

You should not consume too many dates as this can raise your blood sugar levels and cause you to gain weight. Furthermore, consult your doctor or dietician before eating dates for weight loss.

As a result, dates are excellent sources of nutrition and tend to prevent a variety of diseases as well as being used in weight loss. Now you can lose weight and feel more energetic, while also looking ravishing, by buying your pack of dates today.




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